Logistics Jobs in Philippines : Top Logistics Jobs Philippines

Logistics Jobs in Philippines

Professionals with specific capabilities in data analytics, data management, project mapping, warehouse management systems, and process conversion are in high demand in the logistics industry today. Such abilities demand a solid background in science and technology. Opportunities abound in logistics, just waiting to be discovered. To take advantage of this opportunity, the sector will need to build up a substantial pool of trained people resources. Complex value chains in a number of subsectors, including transportation, supply chain management, warehousing, and distribution, are emerging as a result of the sector's rising maturity. Find Logistics Job Opportunities at JobsPivot.

Top Logistics Jobs in Philippines

One of the numerous industries in which you might have a prosperous career if you wish to work in business is logistics. Facilitating the manufacture, packaging, shipment, and transportation of a company’s products is a duty of a logistics professional. You can decide if this field fits your professional objectives by learning about the positions that are available and the functions they serve in the supply chain.

Logistics Transport Jobs Philippines

Logistics, storage, transportation, and client services are planned and managed, managing, coordinating, and directing the entire order cycle, coordinating and haggling with producers, merchants, and customers. From the point of origin to the point of consumption, it is the process of organizing and carrying out the effective transportation and storage of goods.

Logistics/Supply Chain Jobs in Philippines

You will supervise and control each step of the production flow as a supply chain manager, from the acquisition of raw materials through the delivery of the finished good. Along with coordinating the product’s storage, you’ll make sure the proper quantity of the product is manufactured at the appropriate moment. Supply chain managers examine procedures and data in addition to purchasing and procuring in order to increase quality and efficiency along the whole supply chain, from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of finished items.

Logistics Staff Jobs in Philippines

You concentrate on the movement, distribution, and storage of products and commodities as a logistics worker. You strive to maintain the company’s supply chain’s effectiveness and capacity to achieve business objectives. This guarantees that production quotas are met and that customers receive their orders. They are in charge of assisting with the organization’s supply chain operations coordination, planning, execution, and monitoring. They might be responsible for working in the receiving and shipping departments, or they might help the logistics manager with all facets of warehouse operations.

Shipping and Logistics Jobs in Philippines

Receiving, tracking, and dispatching orders to consumers, as well as making sure that goods are delivered on schedule and to the correct recipient, are the responsibilities of shipping professionals. Radio frequency identification is also used to scan barcodes for meticulous and well-organized inventory documentation.

Aviation Logistics Jobs in Philippines

Operations for planning, organizing, exercising administrative control, and enforcing the supply chain for air freight. With the assistance of air freight brokers, airports, airlines, and air traffic services, these separate components are linked to the transportation of goods.

Outsource Logistics Management

When a business assigns certain supply chain tasks to an outside supplier (often known as a third party), this is known as outsourcing logistics management. From raw materials to the finished product, these can involve a variety of shipping, storing, packing, and/or delivering a company’s physical commodities.

Logistics Manager Jobs in Philippines

An organization’s supplies and resources are moved, distributed, and stored under the control of a logistics manager. They are tasked for processing goods, processing budgets, and arranging routes. They are typically referred to as supply chain managers and are a part of middle management. The complete order cycle must be directed, optimized, and coordinated while cooperating with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers. Logistics, warehouse, transportation, and customer services must also be planned and managed. Logistics Manager Average Salary in Philippines is PHP 43,256 per month.

Warehouse Logistics Manager Job Vacancies in the Philippines

Overseeing and keeping an eye on efficiency, cost of transportation, stock levels, and delivery timeframes, designing routes, classifying products, and processing shipments while organizing the warehouse addressing and resolving any problems or grievances that may emerge. Also managing, guiding, and instructing the warehouse staff.

Logistics Internship Jobs

Ensure that orders are correctly processed, packaged, and shipped. Assist in maintaining inventory, organizing stockpiles, and checking products for damage and flaws. Check shipments coming in and departing out.

Logistics Officer Jobs in Philippines

The job of a logistics officer is to make sure that the supply chain is productive and efficient throughout the entire company. To make sure that supplies and goods are delivered to the right places, they organize, store, and oversee the distribution of things. Logistics Officer Salary in the Philippinesis PHP 360,000 per year or 185 per hour. Logistics Officer Salary may vary depending on company or experience. Find Latest Logistics Jobs in Philippines at JobsPivot.

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Logistics Jobs Meaning

The transportation of commodities from each step of creation through shipment is managed or made easier by careers in logistics. As an internal employee or for a corporation that outsources logistics services to other companies, you can organize logistics for businesses. Logistics Jobs Examples include inbound transportation, outbound transportation, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, order fulfilment, inventory management and demand planning. JobsPivot provides you with a List of Logistics Companies in the Philippines to find current and high-paying Logistics Work. Philippine Logistics Industry is estimated to be valued at USD 15.6 million in 2021. It is now expected to reach USD 23.7 million by 2027.


1. How much is the salary of Logistics in Philippines?

The average salary for Logistics is PHP 18,000 per month in Manila, Philippines.

2. Which country is best for logistics job?

Switzerland is the best country for Logistics jobs. The average pay for Logistics managers is over $120k annually.

3. Is Logistics a high-paying field?

People looking for a lifetime of professional progress can consider the sector because of its emphasis on ongoing skill improvement. People working in this sector can make good money.

4. What kind of jobs are in Logistics?

Logistics Careers Philippines is a Demand Planning Analyst, Procurement Manager, Distribution Centre Supervisor, Supply Chain Consultant, Logistics Officer, Sourcing Manager, etc.

5. Top Logistics Company in the Philippines

Top 5 Logistics Companies in Philippines are Ernest, Ceva Logistics, AAI Worldwide Logistics, FAST, Transportify.