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Warehouse Assistant Jobs in Philippines

A warehouse's product and stock flow are managed with the aid of warehouse helpers. Typically, they are in charge of sending and receiving items to and from the warehouse. Physical fitness and the ability to safely lift and move stock are requirements for warehouse assistants. An efficient warehouse assistant must have excellent time management, attention to detail, and communication skills—search Warehouse Assistant Job Openings in Philippines at JobsPivot.

Top Warehouse Assistant Jobs in Philippines

Being a warehouse assistant does not require any formal education because on-the-job training is frequently offered. But expertise in the sector is valued highly. Forklift licensing may be necessary. Gain warehouse experience in the manufacturing or retail industry. With experience you can become a Warehouse Supervisor, Warehouse Manager or Operations Manager. Find Job Vacancy Warehouse Assistant in Philippines at JobsPivot.

Logistics and Warehouse Assistant Jobs in Philippines

A logistics assistant helps a company’s shipping, transportation, or logistics departments with their day-to-day operations. They assist in coordinating a warehouse facility’s everyday operations. They could be responsible for managing inbound shipments, keeping inventory records, and dealing customer service issues. Warehouse Assistant Average Salary in Philippines for entry level jobs is PHP 300,000 per year and for experienced workers is PHP 447,000 per year.

Warehouse Associate Jobs in Philippines

An expert who handles the logistics of receiving, processing, and storing inventory in accordance with purchase orders and store rules is known as a warehouse associate. In order to guarantee prompt delivery and loss avoidance, they also make sure that shipping schedules are adhered to with attention to detail.

Warehouse Worker Jobs in Philippines

A warehouse worker is in charge of a variety of everyday duties. Warehouse Worker Job Description include replenishing shelves, accepting incoming orders, processing and packing them, keeping inventory records, and making sure items are delivered on time. Warehouse Worker Salary Philippines is PHP 223,398 a year or PHP 107 an hour.

Manufacturing Warehouse Assistant Jobs

The Warehouse Assistant will be in charge of packaging, loading, and unloading materials, including drums, IBCs, and ISO tanks, within the warehouse and storage facilities. Forklift operation, chemical packaging, bulk chemical transfers, trailer loading, etc. are examples of work activities.

Warehouse Clerk Job Description Philippines

Lifting boxes, arranging products in boxes, and maintaining a spotless and organized warehouse are all duties of a warehouse clerk. In the end, you’ll collaborate with other warehouse workers to move goods onto shelves, pack trucks, and unload deliveries as they arrive. Warehouse Clerk Salary Philippines is PHP 12,358 per month.

Warehouse Staff Duties and Responsibilities

Warehouse Staff Job Description include Welcome delivery trucks, receive and track shipments, embark merchandise in delivery trucks using appropriate tools, accommodate and carefully handle fragile merchandise, track and document exact shipment arrival and departure times, tag and label merchandise. Warehouse Staff Meaning is an essential employee of any company that holds and processes orders or products is a warehouse worker. They manage choosing orders from the warehouse stock, processing incoming goods, and receiving orders.

Warehouse Secretary Job Description

These experts prepare incoming shipments, load and unload merchandise from delivery trucks, relocate goods to the proper storage location, and ensure that orders are complete and undamaged.

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Warehouse Assistant Job Description

The main responsibilities of a warehouse assistant include maintaining, organizing, and retrieving stock from the warehouse as well as receiving and processing incoming stock and materials. They also involve picking and filling orders from stock, packing orders, and shipping orders. Warehouse Assistant Duties include packing, stocking, organizing and rearranging products in warehouse. Also keeping warehouse premises neat and clean. Average Warehouse Assistant Salary in Philippines is PHP 420,000 per year or PHP 215 per hour.


1. How to become a Warehouse Assistant?

No formal education is required to work as a warehouse assistant because on-the-job training is typically offered in this position. But expertise in the sector is valued highly. License for forklifts can be necessary. Develop your warehouse skills in the manufacturing or retail sectors.

2. What is Warehouse Assistant Jobs in Philippines Salary?

The average warehouse assistant job salary in Philippines is PHP 420,000 per year or PHP 215 per hour. Find current Warehouse Jobs 2022 in Philippines at JobsPivot.